Chevrolet Philippines Launches the Chevy 5 – Year Warranty Program

Mon, 2011-04-04 11:38

Philippine Daily Inquirer
Publication date: Thursday, 31 March 2011
Manila, Philippines

Drive Worry – free in a Chevy

Chevrolet Philippines – The Covenant Car Company Inc. (TCCCI) proudly presents its biggest offer to date – the Chevy 5 – year Warranty Program. On every Chevrolet purchase, not only will you becoming home with a car of top-quality, you will also be assured of enjoying your dream Chevy vehicle worry-free for a long than usual time. That’s because the Chevy 5 – Years Warranty Program is finally in full swing starting April 1, 2011.

By definition, a warranty is a written guarantee that you are buying a product of quality and that the company you buy it from is committed to repair or replace parts of a defective product in cases where this same quality has come into question.

“Warranties normally cover just the first 2-3 years of a vehicle’s life. Now, Chevrolet Philippines is willing to go the extra mile to provide our customers with an experience of sustainable mobility and low cost of ownership through five years of assured quality and peace of mind”, says Atty. Albert Arcilla, TCCCI’s Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, The Chevy 5- Years Warranty Program is being offered as part of Chevrolet’s ongoing drive to put a premium on excellent products and services.

The extended warranty is just an extra perk that the company offers in an expression of good faith. This shows that the Chevrolet is confident in the quality and workmanship of each vehicle that it releases to the public. And with this new move, Chevrolet wishes the same confidence to also be felt by every Chevrolet owner out there by assuring product quality even on the 4th and 5th year of ownership.

By offering warranty coverage of five years or 100,000kms, whichever comes first, Chevrolet offers its loyal customers the opportunity to extend their money’s worth through a commitment that the product remains in tip-top shape for a longer period of time. Aside from the obvious advantage of a lower cost of ownership, longer warranty coverage guarantees that repairs on your Chevy will be performed when needed. Risks of component failures and associated repair costs brought about by the vehicle’s age and mileage will be undertaken worry-free. All repairs will be undertaken in dealers ‘authorized service centers with well-trained technicians armed with top – of the line tools and equipment to ensure the best care possible.

What’s more, the warranty service is fully transferable and remains in effect even when there is a change in ownership, assuming the remaining period from the vehicle’s date of purchase. This means that the Chevy’s resale value increases from its usual worth, making it that much more appealing to potential buyers who are keen on the option to resell their vehicle at a later time in the future. And that’s not all; another good reason to get in on the Chevrolet love community is the celebration of the centennial year of Chevrolet as a global automotive brand. Pioneering many innovations that greatly improved and continues to improve the lives of motorist all over the world, this year, Chevrolet marks its 100 years in it the automotive world. It was November 1911 when Chevrolet was founded  in Detroit by race car driver Louis Chevrolet and General Motors Founder Billy Durant. As Chevrolet celebrates its 100 years as an iconic automotive brand that reinforces its solid market dependability in more than 130 countries, Chevrolet promises to deliver better products and services that only Chevrolet can offer. Chevrolet enters its second century with great momentum as we witness its continuous effort to innovate automobiles that will complement the needs of evolving societies and ever-charging resources- -all will remain to carry Chevrolet’s iconic style, quality performance and outstanding value that will suit every market. Locally, Chevrolet Philippines – The Covenant Car Co., Inc. aims to echo the same pledge to the Philippine market - - bearing its passion to deliver quality vehicles and services that are practical and suitable for every Filipino family. Expect more and more exciting news from Chevrolet Philippines as it enters each car segment in the future that is geared to shake up the automotive industry with world – class cars that are built by passion and extensive research. Likewise, this local company will continue to imbibe pride and confidence from each of the vehicle that they present.

With every Chevrolet vehicle, you experience a little bit of heritage while, enjoying the benefits of durability that will carry on for a long time. Visit your nearest Chevrolet dealer today to find out more about the Chevy 5 – Year Warranty Program, Chevrolet 100 years heritage and how you can own and drive with pride in a Chevy.