"Extended Manufacturer’s Warranties"

Sun, 2008-04-27 10:50

Philippine Daily Inquirer,
Motoring Section (B2-3)

Publication date: April 23, 2008
Manila, Philippines

Extended Warranties provide Filipino motorists with superior value-for-money service long after the manufacturers’ warranty expire, according to Nasser Watar, Asia Warranty Services director and chief executive officer.

Similar to many Asian motorists, Filipinos keep their cars longer than the average number of years that Europeans and Americans do. As vehicles age the possibility of its parts to breakdown is increased. Therefore, the need for extended warranty becomes even more important.

With this in mind, Asia Warranty Services, a  leading global provider of extended warranty services, has partnered with leading vehicle manufacturers and distributors in the Philippines to provide innovative and reliable warranty after the normal coverage expires. The common  warranty in the local market, which is three years or 100,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), is now extended to five years and additional mileage if necessary.

The company’s one-stop shop concept delivers valuable insurance solutions through an extensive network of manufacturers, dealers, distributors, retailers, leasing and financial institutions.

AWS’s Automotive Extended Warranty, for example, features a protection plan that covers all costs related to mechanical, electrical and electronic breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It is an exact duplicate of the manufacturer’s warranty.

With thousands of auto parts that are exposed to local road conditions (that differ significantly from those in the United States and other countries), wear and tear accelerates at faster than normal rates. “Which is why it makes more sense to look for vehicles that have built in extended warranty in their products,” according to Sharon Camesa, AWS business development manager for Asia-Pacific.

AWS’s extended warranty also includes a round-the-clock roadside service covering towing and assistance in cases when motorists encounter problems connected with a dead battery, flat tire, fuel run-out, and accidental locking out.

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