AWS Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC)

AWS markets and administers service contract programs (SC), maintenance contracts and additional related after-sale products, all of which enhance the profitability of dealers’ revenues and bottom-line income.

AWS SC is a contract formed between the dealer/lessor and the buyer/lessee aimed to minimize breakdowns by keeping them well maintained, and consequently enhance the trade in/resale value. The coverage of such a contract extends over specific periods of time and/or mileage. AWS VC ensures timely, convenient and prioritized maintenance and routine service requirements without buyer/lessee out-of-pocket expenditures. AWS SC covers a broad range of components that are not covered by the initial manufacturer warranty.

Accordingly, AWS administers various services through an agreement established with dealers. Among these services are the development and distribution of marketing materials, the processing of dealer’s SC and the administration and payment of claims filed by contract holders. AWS success rests upon its ability to capture, maintain, track and analyze all relevant data related to AWS SC. The company operates proprietary software developed internally. ‘AWS Soft’, that consists of custom designed relational databases with interactive capabilities. This configuration provides ample capacity and processing speed to meet current requirements and significant future growth in this area.