List of Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I have to take my automobile for repairs?

You may take your vehicle to any repair facility, which is licensed and has a team of certified technicians to perform auto repairs.

What if my repair facility refuses to accept your program?

Accepting the program refers to direct billing, if your repair facility chooses not to directly bill us we will pay for all covered repair costs with a corporate credit card.

What if I have no money, do I have to pay for the repairs?

No, the repair facility will directly bill Asia Warranty Services’ claims department or the claim will be paid with a company credit card less any applicable deductible.

When does the "New Vehicle Coverage" begin? On the in-service date or on the date when I acquire the warranty?

Asia Warranty Services Ltd

All "New Vehicle Coverage" begin on the in-service date. So, the years are in addition to mamufacturer’s warranty.

Is the contract transferable upon the vehicle sale?

Yes, all extended warranties are transferable to a second private owner.

If I do not transfer the contract, do I get a refund?

Yes, you get a prorated refund if the contract is cancelled.

What makes AWS different from other warranty companies?

The difference in the Asia Warranty Services’ plan is the administration of claims, the financial stability of the insurer, and the comprehensive coverage provided.

Does the vehicle extended warranty cover parts and labor?

Yes, all Asia Warranty Services’ plans provide coverage for parts and labor.

Are maintenance items such as oil changes and brake pads covered?

No, all routine vehicle maintenance are the owner's responsibility.