Products & Services

AWS administers products and services that are geared essentially towards providing insurance solutions to end-users at a sophisticated world class platform. The company is positioned to further enhance the profitability of manufacturers, auto dealers, leasing and financial institutions by providing their clients a one stop shop platform, containing the cost of ownership and a guaranteed after market sales and parts. Hence, the company’s undertaking of ongoing business-to-business activities with these entities aimed to further the common interest and sustain the organic growth.

For the end-user, AWS specifically designed products and services eliminate and help to prevent costs associated with running a vehicle. They provide a comprehensive approach towards attaining peace of mind and containment of the cost of ownership.

AWS is best positioned to expand its business line, introduce new products and tie up with leading manufacturers worldwide through the application of its effective business model and operational efficiencies.

AWS Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC)

AWS markets and administers service contract programs (SC), maintenance contracts and additional related after-sale products, all of which enhance the profitability of dealers’ revenues and bottom-line income.

AWS SC is a contract formed between the dealer/lessor and the buyer/lessee aimed to minimize breakdowns by keeping them well maintained, and consequently enhance the trade in/resale value. The coverage of such a contract extends over specific periods of time and/or mileage. AWS VC ensures timely, convenient and prioritized maintenance and routine service requirements without buyer/lessee out-of-pocket expenditures. AWS SC covers a broad range of components that are not covered by the initial manufacturer warranty.

Accordingly, AWS administers various services through an agreement established with dealers. Among these services are the development and distribution of marketing materials, the processing of dealer’s SC and the administration and payment of claims filed by contract holders. AWS success rests upon its ability to capture, maintain, track and analyze all relevant data related to AWS SC. The company operates proprietary software developed internally. ‘AWS Soft’, that consists of custom designed relational databases with interactive capabilities. This configuration provides ample capacity and processing speed to meet current requirements and significant future growth in this area.

AWS administered Comprehensive Insurance

Covering new and used vehicles, AWS administered comprehensive insurance is provided through first class insurance companies and offered to auto manufacturers, dealers and leasing institutions.

AWS administered Full Maintenance Lease (FML)

AWS’s Full Maintenance Lease (FML) product is a comprehensive automotive solution (fully reinsured) that provides the customer with peace of mind during the vehicle lease period. FML contracts free customers from bearing the cost of service, maintenance, mechanical breakdown, motor accidents, tire replacement and roadside assistance, with an option to have a relief vehicle.

Administered by AWS and offered to leasing institutions and customers who require a one-stop-shopping solution, FML program is a simple way of leasing vehicles at a fixed monthly cost (all inclusive). The program embodies a controlled and cost effective fleet management system, where the time-consuming administration of the fleet is left to the experts, allowing customers to concentrate on their daily business activities.

Once selected by the customers, the leasing/financial institution would source, purchase and deliver the vehicles directly to these customers, who bear no responsibilities for the vehicles’ residual value and who have the option of walking away from the vehicle at the end of the lease contract period. In fact, the vehicle could be returned to the leasing/financial institution for disposal at the institution’s own risk and cost. Accordingly, the only operating cost to the customer would be the cost of the fuel and the premium paid at the time of lease. In return for a set fee paid by the insurer, AWS assumes the hassle involved in running the program, from vehicle acquisition to disposal, as the company administers the risk of maintenance and insurance costs incurred during the contract period.

AWS FML covers all makes of passenger and light commercial vehicles for periods extending from 12 to 48 months. The contract period and mileage are determined in accordance with the customer's vehicle policy and the anticipated usage of the vehicle.

AWS Residual Value Insurance (RVI)

AWS RVI is a financial guarantee program launched recently in Asia market exclusively by AWS. AWS RVI indemnifies the leasing and financial institutions against any loss which might occur in case the sale proceeds of a properly maintained vehicle are less than the residual value set at the time specified in the lease contract policy.

Each policy is structured to suit the client’s specific financial goals and risk management objectives. Such clients include auto manufacturers’ financial services, fleet and leasing companies, banks’ auto leasing divisions, credit unions and investors in vehicle lease-backed securitizations.

AWS RVI helps these businesses to manage residual risks by protecting them against fluctuations in the used car market. It provides a stop-loss facility, allowing the insured to quantify maximum loss amounts.

AWS Assist - Travel care and Roadside assistance

The AWS Roadside Assistance program provides emergency roadside assistance service to the customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the country.

The program includes the following services:

AWS Roadside Assistance program is offered by first class providers administrated by AWS, sold principally by franchised and independent automobile dealers, leasing companies, retail stores and financial institutions.

AWS Call – Call Center

A call centre is the focal point of customer service for companies today. Relying on a variety of communication technologies, call centres connect the customer and the organization, in real-time, to provide effective customer service. Asia Warranty Services Ltd. offers its partners and clients an efficient handling of inbound and outbound calls to meet their direct marketing, customer service, and market research needs.